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Yogazentrum Akazienhof
10823 Berlin
Phone (49) 30. 2191 8321
info@yogazentrum -akazienhof.de

Documentation journalist and artist. In 1996 Gabi began her Yoga teacher training at the B.K.S. Iyengar Institute of Los Angeles and studied with Manouso Manos, John Schumacher and Marla Apt. Since 2002 she is a student of Renate Ockel.

"I enjoy the precise and harmonic poses in Iyengar Yoga and I would like to transfer this enthusiasm to my students. In my classes you will learn greater awareness of yourself and your body. Those who practice regularly continue to recognise new levels of their selves and their bodies. This new strength and flexibility - this alert awareness - helps us to master our everyday routine in a more relaxed manner."

Starting in 2008 Gabi developed a class called 'Yoga for big people' and it was a hit! However, in 2009 she moved to Paris for five years with her journalist husband. Until her return Gabi facilitated once-a-month Yoga-Saturdays to allow for continuity. She is now back to Berlin with two regular classes.

Monday: 6.15pm to 7.45pm intermediate / beginners
Saturday: 11.30am to 01.00pm Yoga for big people

phone: (49) 030.5528 7012
email: lutterbeck@yogazentrum-akazienhof.de

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