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Yogazentrum Akazienhof
10823 Berlin
Phone (49) 30. 2191 8321
info@yogazentrum -akazienhof.de

Social educator, professional supervisor. Gertrud has been practising Yoga with Renate Ockel since 1988 and acquired her Yoga teacher certificate from Vinod Dulal in India in 2001.

"For years I have been benefiting from the effects of Yoga in the form of stable health, increased energy, greater harmony and physical well-being. Although well over 50, this motivated me to enhance my life experience with the certification as a Yoga teacher. I would like to provide an access to Yoga for other older people so that they can make contact with still hidden potentials."

Wednesday: 10:00am to 11:30am for people over 55

Phone: (49) 030. 313 71 43
email: frank@yogazentrum-akazienhof.de

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