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Yogazentrum Akazienhof
10823 Berlin
Phone (49) 30. 2191 8321
info@yogazentrum -akazienhof.de

Merchant. Yoga practitioner since 1992, studying the Iyengar Yoga tradition with Renate Ockel and Stefanie Roth since 2004. Trained and certified in 2014 by the " Iyengar Yoga Association of Germany" .

"Yoga is a tool I use in my daily practice to balance and strenghten myself. The associated deep concentration changes my habitual ways of thinking and feeling and sharpens my awareness to more clarity and conciousness. I am more balanced and ready to deal with the challenges of life in a better way. As a basis for more inner balance I'ld like to convey deeper access towards the body in my classes."

Monday: 8.15pm to 9.45pm beginners
Wednesday: 7.30am to 8.30am beginners
Thursday: 6.15pm to 7.45pm beginners
Friday: 7.30am to 8.30am beginners
Friday: 5.15pm to 6.30pm beginners

phone: (40) 0173 - 922 82 10
email: halter@yogazentrum-akazienhof.de

internet: www.yoga-cosmos.de


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