Workshops are events in Berlin which are held for only a limited time. Here we try to find topics as well as teachers which and who will offer us a defined emphasis from the immense subject of Yoga.

workshop 1

29.-31.3.2019 The Body loves Gentleness with Sandra Sabatini

It is the surprising thing I learn again and again in workshops with Sandra Sabatini. This lesson reaches far beyond the physical into all areas of life. Gentle is the nature of the poses, gentle as Sandra conveys them, and I too will become gentle when I practice them. In Sandra Sabatini’s sensitive yoga the breath and your own experience are the focus, not challenging poses.

In her book titled ‘The Breath – the Essence of Yoga’ she writes: “The breath is the key which can open a thousand doors – a never-ending, small, but unbelievably strong laser able to remove layers of incrustation. … ‘Learning’ no longer arises from the wish to attain a goal or purpose, but comes from a successive unfolding – an effortless blossoming.” In her classes, she assists us to find our own centre. A new, gentle, and even surprising way to practice is possible, which helps us to recognize the great power of attentiveness. (Ute Aurand)

Born in Australia and raised in Africa, Sandra Sabatini returned to the land of her parents – Italy – in her mid-twenties. Here she began her yoga practice and in 1985 became student of the yoga pioneer Vanda Scaravelli.

Topic:The body loves gentleness
Location:Yogazentrum Akazienhof

Friday 7pm – Sunday 1pm

Fee:190 €
Teacher:Sandra Sabatini

Workshop 2

28. - 30. Juni 2019 Introduction to Yoga for Scoliosis with Marcia Monroe

We welcome Marcia Monroe for the forth time in Berlin. During this visit we will again focus on the use of yoga for problems with asymmetry and scoliosis. As a longtime Iyengar yoga teacher, Marcia considers this method with its central emphasis on correct muscular-skeletal aligment, as an ideal and in-depth approach to practicing yoga with scoliosis.

During her past workshops in Berlin Marcia freely shared her knowledge with us and worked individually with every case in the room. Her openness with her own physical history inspired us to investigate our own ‘curves’ and encouraged us to get closer to our own symmetry. We will focus on lengthening the spine and pay attention to stability, flexibility, strength, balance und especially the awareness of the breath.

The workshop is suitable for students and teachers with minor back problems, asymmetries and scoliosis.

Marcia was born in Brazil and today lives and teaches in New York.

Topic:Yoga and Scoliosis
Location:Iyengar-Yoga-Zentrum Berlin
Date:28. - 30. Juni 2019

Friday 7 – 9pm
Saturday 12am – 3pm and 4pm – 6pm
Sunday 12am – 3pm

Fee:200 Euro
Teacher:Marcia Monroe

for information and application please contact Helen Barsby at

This topic may be chosen by the guest instructor or it may be determined by the level of experience established for the workshop.

Invited guests teachers often come from the US or India where experience in our style of Yoga has had a longer time to develop. This experience often imparts an inspiring impression of people who have been practising Yoga for several decades.