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Yogazentrum Akazienhof
10823 Berlin
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karpathos retreat 2: october 7 - 14, 2018 with reinhold halter on the island of karpathos (Gr)

Spending time on an island in late-summer temperatures makes it easy to forget the daily routine at home. Lots of yoga during the day brings us deeper inside. The location of the nice apartment hotel (self-catering except for breakfast) with great views allows for exploring mountains and beaches aside from the yoga classes. The hotel also offers a sun-terrace and swimming pool. Travel arrangements as well as supper are not included in the price and must be organized by you.

Preis: double occupancy  550 €   •  single room  600 €   (with breakfast only)
Info: Reinhold Halter, phone 0173.922 82 10 more fotos

herbstweg weekend 3: october 12 - 14, 2018 with michael klüsener near chorin

Mother nature is starting to show her colours; and we too can start to look more inside ourselves. Nature directs us towards stillness. Yoga and meditation support this process. Supported by beautiful lodging and great food, we are able to relax and emerge reinvigorated from the weekend.

Preis: double occupancy 260 €  •  single 290 €
Info: Michael Klüsener, phone 030. 8149 9995

house laase retreat 3: october 20 - 27, 2018 with renate ockel at the river elbe at laase

Autumn is a time of passing and yet already the beginning of something new. The times are turbulent and everyone struggles through life. Our common week in the Wendland connects us via yoga, food, conversations and walks/hikes, as well as shared leisure time. In this way we become more content and emerge strengthened from this week.

Price: double occupancy  659 €   •  single  745 €  
Info: Renate Ockel, phone 030. 218 48 24 more fotos

hiddensee retreat 4: november 10 - 17, 2018 with michael klüsener on the island of hiddensee

In November the island of Hiddensee shines in a special glow. The flow of tourists has subsided and the island is bathed in stillness, which provides the background for the yoga and meditation program. Through our yoga practice we connect with our body and breathing, and beyond that with the nature within us, and feel the special magic of the yoga practice - becoming one with ourselves and that which surrounds us. In this retreat we take turns cooking for each other.

Preis: double occupancy 625 €   •  single 725 €  
Info: Michael Klüsener, phone 030. 8149 9995 more fotos

To register, please print and fill out the registration form (as PDF) and send it to the Yogazentrum Akazienhof.

fruehling essraum elbe
Spring near the Elbe,

karpathos karpathos karpathos
late summer on Karpathos at the ocean...

yogagruppe herbst yogaraum
... Yoga in the fall in Laase ...

meer yogaraum hiddensee
...und on the island of Hiddensee are the highlights of the retreats.


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