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Yoga and scoliosis - working with imbalance

"Yoga presents the kind of training that is needed to alter the life-long inclination toward scoliosis" (Dr. Loren Fishman, MD)

Since the first workshop in spring 2014 working with scoliosis and yoga, Helen continues this interesting series of workshops in 6-8 week intervals. They are designed to go into depth with the concept of symmetry in the yoga poses working with an assymetrical body. It is open to all levels and ages, to people familiar with Iyengar yoga practice. In the workshop we will explore the need to practise with heightened sensitivity, concavity and convexity each requiring different adjustment. Concepts of stability and mobility, centralisation and decentralisation, and three dimensional working with the spine are explored in the familiar yoga poses. The workshops can be joined at any stage, each workshop, after a basic sequence of grounding and sensitising the practitioners on the current state of things, focuses on a particular area, or group of asanas, in order to constantly go into more depth and understanding, bringing about better alignment and ease in an asymmetrical body.
Helen came to yoga in her early twenties looking to balance the disbalance in her spine. She found in Iyengar® yoga the precision and depth which has made a profound impact on the shape and state of her spine.´

Topic:      Yoga and Scoliosis
Dates:     Sunday, July 1, 2018
Time:      10.00am to 1.00pm
Fee:         € 30 per Saturday
Facilitated by Helen Barsby

Find more information about Helen's work at www.yoga-skoliose.de

Yoga and our energetic body

While we can see - and have a relatively familiar relationship with - our tangible body with its muscles, bones, joints and skin, our internal organs are much less discernible. But their functions can be felt and at least some of the results are often visible. On the other hand, the idea of energy in our body is more of a concept, even if we sometimes instinctively know that we have only a little or a lot of it. Energy flows or stagnates; is powerful or weak; sometimes we feel like a million dollars, at other times even the smallest demand seems too much.
Chinese medicine talks about the existence of a life energy called chi, which flows through energy channels in the body called meridians. In yoga this energy is called prana, the life energy which spreads throughout our bodies. Here too it is assumed that prana moves along main channels from the bottom to the top of the spine and crosses at several points. These intersections are called energy wheels or chakras in Sanscrit.

We will continue to take a closer look at each individual chakra, investigating their physical and psychological connections and relevance for developmental topics in our lives. In addition we make each chakra discernible with corresponding Yoga poses so that we can develop a sensitivity for the recognition of the causes of tensions and permeability in these areas of our bodies.
There are scripts to the first five chakras available in German - please skip over to the German reference of this website. If you need the password, you may contact us here.

Topic:      The Third Eye chakra
Date:       date not yet fixed
Time:       Saturday from 10:00am to 1.30pm
Fee:         € 30 per Saturday
Facilitated by Renate Ockel


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