Info for beginners

Basically all classes are open, that is to say they can be attended at any time without previous registration. You pay for each class, there is no need to commit to a specific number of classes or a range of dates.

In the past this principle has proven successful because it allows the individual more flexibility and freedom. Initially a disadvantage could be that a beginner has the impression that the others in class are already so much further along in their abilities than oneself. But as a rule such fears subside after a few classes.

Especially at the beginning the basic principles of the Yoga positions come up again and again and after a while a mosaic is created and the understanding of the movements’ interplay grows. In this respect it is not very important that the exercises be taught to beginners in a specific sequence.

Please consult the respective teacher before switching to an intermediate or advanced level class.

Please wear close-fitting pants or shorts and if possible do not eat anything for three hours before class. Mats and blankets are supplied.