Yoga for big people

Many people with a weight problem don’t feel good about themselves because the extra pounds impede their body awareness and thus their awareness of themselves. They are frustrated with the constant barage of ‘new’ diets promising miracles which call for a lot of discipline, often cost a lot of money and in the end are not very helpful. After such diets many people are disappointed about themselves and the weight problem remains.
With my course ‘Yoga for big people’ I would like to encourage you all to develop a new and positive awareness for your body. And since Yoga has no age barriers these movements are appropriate for people of all ages. It is not primarily a matter of losing weight – it’s mainly about getting fit, more agile, healthier and increasing your stamina. It’s about accepting this body we have – this body which we cannot leave. It’s about learning to treat it – and outselves – in a more positive way.

We will practice simple Yoga poses in a nice room, protected from the eyes of others. We will learn to experience our body, which has become a stranger to us, more intensively. The age-old exercises from the Indian masters arouse our energy, stimulate our blood circulation, strengthen our joints and make us more agile. Our posture will have improved after just a few weeks. We sit up straight because we have become aware of HOW we are sitting. We no longer stand slouched because we consciously stand upright.

Yoga is no new diet which promises miracles. But Yoga can give us a new body awareness. And those who have a positive attitude about themselves will also eat healthier and get more exercise – and might even lose a few pounds.

Days: Saturday
Time: 11:30 - 01:00 pm
Teacher:Gabi Lutterbeck
Fee:15 € per session