Yoga over 55

Experience shows that physical vitality declines after a certain age. It becomes harder to climb stairs or bend over, carrying things becomes more difficult, flexibility decreases, joints become stiffer, vitality deminishes, the little aches and pains increase in number and there is more pain.
We cannot prevent becoming older, but we can influence the ageing process in a positive way. Especially movement, placing loads on muscles, joints and bones as well as activating the cardiovascular system must be placed in the forefront. Yoga can be very helpful here and offers an ideal form of exercise especially for older people. While some postures are demanding and even difficult, there are also sequences for stretching and relaxation. Thus we become stronger and more flexible and also find a way to relaxation and inner calmness. Research has shown that yoga also increases the function of the brain.

By customising Yoga exercises to the individual, improvements for existing problems can be attained, thereby promoting greater mobility and health.

The Yoga group offered here by Renate Ockel caters to the interests of older persons. It offers an environment in which you can feel comfortable even if so far in your life you might have neglected your body somewhat. It is never too late to discover your body!

Days: Wednesday
Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am
Teacher:Renate Ockel
Fee:15 € per session