Yoga Visionen


As a psychologist I searched for a method to include the body as an equal world of experience into the understanding and changing of psychological processes. I am convinced that intense emotional experiences are imprinted on the body from earliest childhood on, that they strengthen some parts of the body and weaken or even deform others.These early imprints have a lasting effect on our physical development to which additional problems may be added over the course of our lives. For the most part these rather subtle changes remain unnoticed until a problem enters our awareness in the form of discomfort or pain. Should we wake up at such an occasion and chose to investigate the problem we could begin a long and exciting process during which we become more aware of our restrictions and possibilities. B.K.S. Iyengar coined the expression ‘pain is your master’, which to many seems rather harsh. However, if considered in relation to the above its deep meaning becomes clear immediately. This pain points us to those areas of our being which have become so unbalanced that they must revert to pain in order to draw our attention to the situation and the necessity to make changes. In my opinion Yoga presents an ideal medium to familiarise ourselves with our bodies and get to know its own peculiarities. The various exercises reach every part of our body and work their way into deep levels we would otherwise scarcely experience. Thus we get the opportunity to more or less reorganise ourselves and help the body to a new balance. And, if we choose to do so, we can also discover emotional connections. For me this chance for inner growth in the broadest sense represents the essence of Yoga. At whichever level one starts, and at whatever intensity one pursues this process, I consider it one of the most worthwhile goals in life to be in positive and active contact with oneself. With 30 years experience as a Yoga teacher and the establishment of the Yogazentrum Akazienhof I would like to offer interested people a place where they can pursue this voyage with the help of Yoga and the assistance of committed teachers. The speed and intensity at which one proceeds is left to the individual’s discretion. Once learned Yoga can be a companion supporting our personal growth and health our whole life long.