Yoga Online

What is Online Instruction?

For our online classes we use the software, which you can download for free onto smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. A laptop is best for participants and teachers, because you can position it in the right place at home. This way you can see the teacher and interact with her. If you like, the teacher can see you.

How do I register?

It isn’t necessary but helpful if you download the program onto the device which you intend to use for the classes. (

First you have to contact the teacher with an email, and tell him/her that you would like to participate. You find the email adresss below with each teacher. Once you have declared your interest in participating in an online class, you will receive a timely link to that particular class. Once you are on the mailing list, you will receive links for future classes.

Online Schedule

Payment for classes will be organized by each teacher individually when the links are sent to you.

How shall I prepare for the class?


Place your computer horizontally on the floor and across your yoga mat at a height of 60-80 cm; not at an angle. Make sure the camera lens is clear and the sound is functioning.

If possible, place your mat about 3.6 to 4 meters from the computer.


It is helpful if your figure is contrasted by colour from the background you stand in front of. You can be seen better. It is also important that the room is well lit, and that you don’t stand in front of a window, because this would make you hard to see.

If possible, have a mat, three blankets, one block and one strap handy.

Sit down to prepare for class.

How do I enter the class?

You can join the class starting 15 minutes before it begins by clicking the link which was sent to you. During this pre-class phase the microphones function both ways to say hello and once again check the adjustments.

There is a gallery view and a speaker view (right upper corner). In the first one, you can see all participants at the same size. At the second, you see the speaker in large format. At the beginning the gallery view is good, so that you can get a sense for the group, and for singing the Om together. During the class you should turn on the speaker view, so that you can better see the teacher. The teacher sees you in the galerie view, so that she sees everyone.

During class the teacher mutes all microphones to reduce the background noises. However, everyone may turn on her/his own mike anytime (left bottom), or may turn off the camera (left bottom, right beside the mike button).

And off we go!


Here a suggestion for data privacy:

You can take part in the meeting without downloading the zoom software, and then register as a participant.
Just click on the invitation to the meeting, join it and then don’t click on the link to download the software.
Instead use the smaller link below in order to use the zoom service in your browser.

This will better protect your data.